About Us​​

Israel Disruptive Technologies is a venture capital firm based out of Holmdel, New Jersey USA that invests in best-in-class Israeli entrepreneurs. We back seed, post-seed, pre-A, and Early A stage startups, helping them grow faster and establish themselves in competitive markets.

Our Mission

Israel Disruptive Technologies is your concierge to the Israeli marketplace. Known as Start-up Nation, Israel has given birth to many unicorns over the years, and our team deploys capital to that market for US investors.

We have strategic partners and advisors on the ground in Israel that are driven to help Israel Disruptive Technologies find exposure in various industries, including Ad-tech, water-tech, unmanned technology, cyber security, and more.

Growth Focused — Israeli Centric

With every investment, we hope to find a solution or create one for the world we live in. Our partners use the industry’s most elite vetting process to position our firm for ongoing growth. We believe in Israel’s potential for massive growth in the tech industry, and now is the time to invest. We focus on investing in growth opportunities by urging serious partners to leap into this market.